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Pattern Recognition - William Gibson William Gibson keeps popping up in my life this year. I reread Neuromancer and felt mildly disappointed. Why had I liked this book so much again? Then I stumbled upon Gibson's recently published book of essays [b:Distrust That Particular Flavor|11890817|Distrust That Particular Flavor|William Gibson|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348841998s/11890817.jpg|16849819] and was completely inspired, ready to read everything else he'd ever written. Which brought me to Pattern Recognition. And it was gripping and exciting and well written and I was so absorbed that I ended up staying up until four am just to find out how it was all going to turn out. Quite an enjoyable read. Really believable and enjoyable female lead character. And when I was reading I was really, totally gone. No longer even in the room. It sucked me right in, and didn't spit me back out again for hours after I had finished, instead leaving me wired and excited and dreaming of the footage.