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Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides So. Before I start throwing around praise and rebuke, you should know something about my reading habits. I don't like to read about real people. Well, not in fiction. If I want to read about real people I read nonfiction. If I want to read fiction I read bizarro out there fiction. I don't usually like reading close-to-life stories about multiple generations and sadness and etc. So.

This book was really well written. There was some excellent writing, though none of the kind that has me raving with excitment. It took me almost 350 pages to get into the story, and I considered giving it up more than once. See, I was in it for the narrator's story, the story of a person dealing with complex gender issues. But instead the majority of the book deals with the narrator's family. They became interesting to me eventually, but it just wasn't what I was looking for or interested in reading. Fortunately, the narrator's own story becomes much more prominent in the last 100 pages, and those flew. I was hoping for a really epic mind-blowing ending to make all the hype this book has received more meaningful, but it never came.

A solid book, but not one I will ever read again or will necessarily recommend to others.