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Nighttime Parenting (Revised): How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep

Nighttime Parenting: How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep - William Sears, Mary White This book is a good introduction to attachment parenting, and treatise on the path of least resistance and pains-in-the-ass for nighttime parenting. It is a bit repetitive (as if Sears wrote each of the chapters separately, or assumed readers would, including bits of information over and over in each, to make sure no one misses a thing). I tend to agree with Dr. Sears' principles, but, as in all of his books, he is extremely hetero-centric. I have never read a statement by him on same-sex couples parenting, but he tends to throw the "the father is very important" line around quite freely. This is positive in that it encourages fathers who think they get time off when they get home from work to get off their asses and do their fair share of parenting, but it also tends to sound like he might be the type to say that a lesbian couple couldn't do it for a kid the way a man-woman couple could. He is devoutly Christian as well, though he tends to do a decent job of keeping his religion out of his book, and he is very keen on the sacredness of marriage. However, as a spokesperson for attachment parenting, he's a very fine mouthpiece.